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Welcome to
Masters of Badass Metallurgy™
Our aim is to break you out of that suit and tie… your daily yoga gear… or the weekday conformist mental state. But the one thing we promise not to break is your bank account.

That’s because we are THE source of all the top-quality stainless steel skull rings and jewelry you see featured on this site. Buy directly through us and you’ll easily save up to 70% off of what you’d pay at other stores. (We accept PayPal, Dwolla, Bitcoin as well as all major credit cards.)

But we don’t stop there. Order any of our products and shipping is FREE within the United States. Plus you’ve got a full 365 days to put our stainless steel to a rough riders test. We guarantee our gear won’t rust, turn color or stain your skin. If you’re not satisfied at any time, send it back to us for no-hassling, no excuses exchange.